From December till February, you will be able to discover ice-climbing with the AIGMB guides who have a passion for it and are keen to initiate new aspects of the activity: Dry tooling and using strapless ice tools…
Frozen waterfalls are a fantastic playground. Ice is a constantly changing medium, which calls out to be climbed.
Either you are a beginner and you would like to learn the basics, or you are already experienced and you wish to become selfsufficient on ice.
The Chamonix valley has ice falls of different degrees of difficulties. The AIGMB guides are keen to help you to discover this exhilarating sport.


Dates : Collective or engagement at the day – Every day
Week-end : Every week-end from 15 December.
Spots : Chamonix, col des Montets, vallée de Trient, crémerie du glacier à Argentière
Prices :
Private engagement formula: 1 day 450 €
2 days course : 450 €/pers.
3 to 4 pers/guide


After a few days of climbing ice-falls in the Chamonix Valley, one can lead on to greater goals in the Val de Cogne ( Italie).You would like to discover a new activity this winter, away from the crowded ski resorts.
Dates : Collective or engagement at the day – Every day
Spots : Italie Cogne, Trient valley, Chamonix valley and around …
Prices :
Private engagement : 1 day 480 €
2 days course : 500 €/pers .
2 pers/guide